Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A year later...

Yesterday marked one year since starting the Appalachian Trail. To celebrate, I decide to embark in a solo hike to reflect about the past year and all the trials and triumphs I experienced along the trail.

I'm living in St John, USVI for the winter, and had most of the hikes on the small island but one: The Johnny Horn trail. I set out and began hitchhiking to the east side of the island where the hikes begins. Three rides later, I finally started walking. I brought only a few granola bars (yes I still enjoy Oats and Honey bars even though I ate them everyday on the AT) a camera, and lots of water (it's 80 degrees and very humid here). The trail was very different than the AT.

Below is a picture of the beginning of the trail, walking along a beach where sea turtles nest.

 A mile later the trail begins to climb to an old plantation owner's estate. This is the view from the estate looking down on Waterlemon Cay, a popular snorkeling spot, below.

I continued hiking, up up and up! Another viewpoint

The trail intersects the Brown Bay Trail so I took that back down to sea level and to Brown Bay. I spend nearly an hour exploring this large, unmaintained ruin and imagining what the different rooms were used for.

Back up and down again, and a break at another small ruin with stairs to nowhere.

Though I only saw four other hikers, there were a few animals along the trail- goats, mongoose, little lizards, birds, and termite nests in trees.

Makes me want to go for another long walk in the woods.....maybe next summer...PCT?