Thursday, March 31, 2011

100 miles and 1 state finished!

After enjoying a nice sunny day in Helen with Maggie, Gumby, Peaches and Bravo, we hit the trail during a huge thunderstorm (where the photo in the previous blog was taken).  We hiked another day, and Theresa picked us up in Hiawasse because we were wet and tired and hungry =( she's a lifesaver. We then set out and crossed our first state border! North Carolina! woo-hoo! We pulled a 20-mile day trying to outrun a storm (which didnt turn into much). That night, Pekka and Towns managed to take down two trees while trying to hang our food bags haha.

 My friend Stella is from Hayesville, so her mom Connie picked us up and along with her husband Sam, they showed us around town and made us feel at home. My first night in a real bed since March 20th! After a fancy dinner, and lots of Cajun crawfish, we are ready to hit the trails tomorrow morning.

Next stop, 70 or so miles away in Fontana, then it's the scary Smokies! We heard they are cold, snow-peaked and TALL!!

If you have any snacks or letters to send, you can send them here:

Christi Holmes
C/O Smoky Mountain Outfitters
206 Long Branch Rd,
Gatlinburg, TN

and write, "Hold for Thru Hiker until April 30"

Here's the link to my GPS tracking device!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

50 miles later

My pack shakedown went well, sent some extra first aid stuff home along and my mascara! Haha. Bought a new down jacket that is super compact but $120 ugh. They taught me how to pack my pack and fit it. We had our first trail magic too! Free apples, water, and ziti! Also a guy who worked at needs gap brought us beer at our campsite! I'm hiking with Pekka from Germany and we met a nice girl name maggie. Tented last night and it rained hard and was very windy. This Morning was very cold but flat so we went 14 or so miles. Pekka's friends' sister lives in Helen so she picked us up and fed us a great southern meal of country fried steak. Helen is supposed to be a German themed town but Pekka says it isn't haha. But they have have German beer so he is happy. Theresa is nice enough to take us around to do laundry and get food tomorrow.

Monday, March 21, 2011


My backpack arrived! Did 12 miles today in the gorgeous sunshine. tomorrow I'll make it to Nells gap where I'll get a pack overhaul to help me lighten my pack. It will be my first day hiking with my full pack!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mile 1-10 and a Trailname

Top of springer! First white blaze
Signing the register atop of Springer Mtn
Most popular shelter on the AT

Slackpacked today with four others: Backpekka, Hiker chick, Sarah and Jane I think. It was a little overcast but quick hiking since we only had day packs. Covered about ten miles and saw some ppl with really heavy packs! Slackpacking again tomorrow and hopefully my pack will be here when I return so Tuesday I will sleep outside. Got a trail name though! Lost Deva since my backpack is a Gregory Deva (and Deva can be Diva too). Also met Honey and Bear two seventy something year olds who run The Cabin up in Andover Maine. I told them when I got there I would have my parents bring lobster! They are just hiking for a week down here.

Ok I'm starving so I'm going to scrounge around the hiker box o unwanted food for some dinner!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 1 tomorrow!

So my backpack won't be here until
Monday so I'm going to slackpack( get dropped off and picked up at night, so you only have to hike with a day pack) tomorrow. I'll have to pay hiker hostel to shuttle me and for three extra nights so I'm hoping delta reimburses me. I killed time today going into the town of dahlonga where they were having their first annual trail fest with speakers food and gear. I even got a little tan.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Backpackless in Georgia

Made it to the beautiful Hiker Hostel in Georgia! Unfortunately my backpack didn't but it should be here tonight. The weather is gorgeous almost 80 degrees. Might get started tomorrow instead of Sunday, we will see. Nature Boy picked me up, he's hiked it like four times or something crazy. This year he's going to try to be the fastest unaided hiker. Also met John from Maine trailname Four Iron.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The things they carried

Here's a list of all the stuff I'm bringing!

Gregory Deva 60 Backpack
MSR Hubba one person tent and a drop sheet for footprint
LL Bean 3/4 length sleeping pad
Pack cover for rain
LL Bean down sleeping bag rated 20 degrees
Bag liner to keep my bag clean and 15 degrees warmer
Katadyn water filter
Camp soap
Duct Tape
Hand sanitizer
First Aid things- mole skin, blister things, band aids, naproxen sodium, hand warmers, etc.
Contacts, solution and glasses
tiny mirror, toothbrush, floss, fash wash, aloe, etc
Spot Emergency and Tracking Device
Headlamp and extra batteries
lighter, waterproof matches
Titanium pot and spork
Penny Alcohol Stove- Thanks Ricky and Paul!
Mini sewing kit
mini bug spray samples
Hook screws
Thru hiker handbook and journal
Camelback 3L bladder and gatorade bottle
Folgers plastic can to keep the mice outta my food

LL Bean hiking sneakers-GoreTex
Two pairs of Smartwool long socks
Two pairs of underarmor underwear
running gloves and ear covers
LL Bean rainpants and jacket
LL Bean fleece
LL Bean zip away pants
shorts, tank top, long sleeve shirt all spandex-y material
Crocs for camp wear
Smartfeet shoe insoles

I think that's it!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Follow my hike on google maps!

Here's a link that should show where I am (right now it's my house haha).

The beginning

I'm flying to Atlanta Friday, March 18th so I will start hiking the Appalachian Trail the 19th or 20th.  I've been gathering my final supplies and training at the gym...we'll see how it goes! Hopefully it isn't too cold.

Not sure how often I will be able to update this once I get on the trail, but I'll do my best!

Been trying to think of a good AT nickname to use as my trailname.....