Saturday, May 12, 2012

The next adventure

One week from today I will be on an all night flight to Spain! My first two weeks will be spent taking one on one Spanish lessons in Granada, then my mom is coming to visit! We are planning on checking out Morocco. After she leaves, I'll be spending about a month hiking the 800k on the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain. It's a Catholic pilgrimage; the movie The Way is about it, so watch it and see what I'll be doing! After that, my cousin Paige is meeting me in Pamplona for Running of the Bulls. August my best friend Kelsey (she visited me on the AT too!) will be meeting me in Italy for a week with our sorority sister Jessie. Those are the only things I have planned, the rest will be going with the flow!

I'm currently home in Machias, first time in 6 months. I left St John May 2, and flew to Tucson to meet my Dad who was there for a conference. After a few days of hiking and eating Chipotle (my favorite!), we took the train to New Orleans (luckily we scored a sleeper car!). It was my first time in NOLA and the jazz music was fabulous as was the food- oysters, gumbo, beignets! Then it was back on the train and north to Maine! My island blood isn't used to the chilliness up here!

                                                                     Bourbon Street

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