Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't Feed AT Thru Hikers

Beware: Please do not feed AT thru hikers. A fed hiker is a dead hiker. When hikers receive food and drinks from Trail Angels, they become comfortable around other people and begin to associate day hikers and road crossings with Trail Magic. When there is no Trail Magic, thru hikers may react aggressively. It is recommended you remain in your car and avoid direct eye contact. If you are not in a car, it is safer to give the thru hiker a snack, whe keeping an open palm as there is no antibiotic for Thru hiker syndrome. Occasionally thru hikers must be trapped and relocated or put down. So do your part and keep the wilderness wild and dont feed thru hikers

But seriously, thru hikers love gettin trail magic. Trail magic comes in various forms: rides into town, snacks or colas left on the trail, free laundry, etc. We appreciate it all but it is so disappointing to arrive at a site where trail magic was but is now empty. I've left trail magic bananas and little debbies for hikers behind me and hope to do some serious magic when I finish in Maine. I'm thinking lobster rolls and whoopie pies alone the 100 mile wilderness!

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