Thursday, May 12, 2011

The tornado damage from a week ago

Made it to Virginia Today! Three States down, eleven to go. Almost 25% done as well! Its pretty warm down here, so I'm going to start shopping for a summer sleeping bag. I think i finally have my "Trail legs" since im going over 20 miles most days. Im in Damascus now, and a local, Mountain Man, shuttled a bunch of hikers to His house for free dinner. He wouldnt say how man times he's hiked the Trail, but im guessing around 10. He breeds goats and pigs so we got to play around on his farm. Damascus is the home of Trail Days, a big hiker celebration in mid May, so im planning on hitchhiking back for it.

No blisters so far! I've met about twelve other hikers from Maine so far, more than any other state i think, though Ohio is a close second.

There have been major storms. A tornado touched down eight miles from Damascus while I was here, knocking the power out and killing more than five people.Here's a pic of some of the damage.

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