Friday, July 29, 2011


Go-to trail snack: Oats n Honey granola bars
Favorite Town Food (most missed food): cereal and milk, milkshakes
Best Trail Name: Crop Duster
Worst trail name: Jesus Christ Superstar
Favorite Trail Town: Stroudsburg, next to Delaware Water Gap
Best trail magic from strangers: Bev and Joe in Boiling Springs
Place I'd like to revisit: the Smokeys
Song stuck in my head: Wagon Wheel
Song that sums up my hike: Take me home, country roads
Favorite luxury item in my pack: swimsuit!
Favorite necessary item in my pack: Katadyn water filter
Item in my pack that was first to be mailed home: gators
Biggest disappointment: Shenandoahs- flat with no views and crossed the road eight times a day
Biggest pleasant surprise: the rocks of PA aren't that bad
Cool animals: bears, moose, porcupine, woodpeckers, deer
Hottest/coldest weather: 105 in VA/ 20 in the Smokeys
Most missed luxury: sleeping in a bed
First thing to do when I'm finished: eat sushi!

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  1. hey the mackerel are running in Eastport and we sushi-ized a couple of fat ones last night. I'm with you on the smokies, and loved PA, (perhaps because I grew up there.)