Friday, July 1, 2011

New England!

6/21- After a failed attempt to eat "The Pig Out," I woke up feeling horrible. After a morning bout of bulimia, we started hiking. We crossed the Hudson River, and ended up hiking 23 miles. Lunchtime, we hiked past a gas station, so a Ben and Jerry's Cookies n Cream calmed my stomach. This day was summer solstice, known in the hiking world as "Naked Hiking Day!" We did not partake. We joked about who we wouldn't want to see naked, bug bites, sunburns, chaffing, etc. We didn't see any other thru hikers until we got to our campsite that night. When I unpacked my backpack that night, I discovered a 9oz sausage Porter had snuck into it! Almost made me puke again haha.
 The 1/2 Gallon Ice Cream Challenge
The Pig Out aka Bucket o Meat

6/22- 27 mile day in the pouring rain, but crossed into Connecticut!

6/23- 12 mile hike into Kent, CT in the pouring rain again, so we decided to stay the night.

6/24-17 miles into Pine Swamp Shelter

6/25- 24 miles. Stopped for lunch in Sailsbury. Rain, rain rain. Saw 501 again, lots of section hikers and Pace carried 3L of wine! Crossed into Massachusetts!

6/26-13 miles to Great Barrington, where Dreamer met us with gatorades and cookies! Porter's friends visited and we enjoyed the Brew Pub. The sun came back.


6/27-28 miles until Upper Goose Pond Shelter.

6/28- 30 miles. Stopped in Dalton for lunch, and spent the night in a church in Cheshire,

6/29-29 miles. MUDDY. Stopped for lunch for 2 hours on Mt Greylock, Massachusetts highest point, so we ended up hiking until 10pm. Crossed into Vermont!

6/30- 4 miles where we picked up Porter's car, our friend Crop Duster, and drove to Porter's house, did chores and went to the Troy Brewing Company.

7/1- Went tubing this morning! Washed Porter's and Dreamer's dogs, and enjoyed a BBQ at Porter's.

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