Saturday, April 9, 2011

Smokin' smokies

Since we left Hayesville, we've encountered hail and heat and everything in between. We tented out in the snow on top of Wayah Bald, which allows for thefurthest views of the trail (so we were told). Then we went 17 miles to the Nantahala Outdoor Center and got some real food with fellow bikers Velvet and Token. The hike out of NOC was brutal and HOT. We camped on a windy bald and watched a great sunset and sunrise. The next day I went 16 miles to a shelter and Timber continued into Fontana because a thunderstorm was coming. The next morning we met up and decided to take a zero in the little village. After laundry we had a big hiker dinner with Thimble, Sparky, Token, Velvet, Hot Sauce, Jaywalker, Hillbilly, Green Bean and Cubby. I bought a two person tent (so Timber and I better not fight too seriously, we manage to fight about four times a day now haha). We entered the Smokies a few days ago and man it was hot and hilly. It's required to stay at shelters if there is room, which I like because it's like a big sleepover. We did our first night hiking, not all nigh but until ten pm. It was ok but it was cold and you can't see any sights. Yesterday we made it to Clingmans Dome. At 6643 ft it is the highest point on the AT. Unfortunately yesterdAy was foggy so we didn't see anything. We hitchhiker into Gatlinburg, TN and spent the evening eating, drinking and listening to live country music of Logan Murrell. We are taking another zero today, and my friend Jenn took us to the supermarket. Hittin the trail again tomorrow to finish off the smokies!

Mail mail to:
Christi Holmes
C/o uncle johnnys nolichucky hostel
151 river road
Erwin, TN

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