Thursday, March 31, 2011

100 miles and 1 state finished!

After enjoying a nice sunny day in Helen with Maggie, Gumby, Peaches and Bravo, we hit the trail during a huge thunderstorm (where the photo in the previous blog was taken).  We hiked another day, and Theresa picked us up in Hiawasse because we were wet and tired and hungry =( she's a lifesaver. We then set out and crossed our first state border! North Carolina! woo-hoo! We pulled a 20-mile day trying to outrun a storm (which didnt turn into much). That night, Pekka and Towns managed to take down two trees while trying to hang our food bags haha.

 My friend Stella is from Hayesville, so her mom Connie picked us up and along with her husband Sam, they showed us around town and made us feel at home. My first night in a real bed since March 20th! After a fancy dinner, and lots of Cajun crawfish, we are ready to hit the trails tomorrow morning.

Next stop, 70 or so miles away in Fontana, then it's the scary Smokies! We heard they are cold, snow-peaked and TALL!!

If you have any snacks or letters to send, you can send them here:

Christi Holmes
C/O Smoky Mountain Outfitters
206 Long Branch Rd,
Gatlinburg, TN

and write, "Hold for Thru Hiker until April 30"

Here's the link to my GPS tracking device!

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  1. One state down! Nice job! Have fun in the Smokies and stop in at Standing Bear Farm in Davenport Gap if you have the time--it's a nice spot (much nicer than the "Smokies Sheraton" aka Davenport Gap shelter).

    Happy Trails!