Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The things they carried

Here's a list of all the stuff I'm bringing!

Gregory Deva 60 Backpack
MSR Hubba one person tent and a drop sheet for footprint
LL Bean 3/4 length sleeping pad
Pack cover for rain
LL Bean down sleeping bag rated 20 degrees
Bag liner to keep my bag clean and 15 degrees warmer
Katadyn water filter
Camp soap
Duct Tape
Hand sanitizer
First Aid things- mole skin, blister things, band aids, naproxen sodium, hand warmers, etc.
Contacts, solution and glasses
tiny mirror, toothbrush, floss, fash wash, aloe, etc
Spot Emergency and Tracking Device
Headlamp and extra batteries
lighter, waterproof matches
Titanium pot and spork
Penny Alcohol Stove- Thanks Ricky and Paul!
Mini sewing kit
mini bug spray samples
Hook screws
Thru hiker handbook and journal
Camelback 3L bladder and gatorade bottle
Folgers plastic can to keep the mice outta my food

LL Bean hiking sneakers-GoreTex
Two pairs of Smartwool long socks
Two pairs of underarmor underwear
running gloves and ear covers
LL Bean rainpants and jacket
LL Bean fleece
LL Bean zip away pants
shorts, tank top, long sleeve shirt all spandex-y material
Crocs for camp wear
Smartfeet shoe insoles

I think that's it!

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