Thursday, March 24, 2011

50 miles later

My pack shakedown went well, sent some extra first aid stuff home along and my mascara! Haha. Bought a new down jacket that is super compact but $120 ugh. They taught me how to pack my pack and fit it. We had our first trail magic too! Free apples, water, and ziti! Also a guy who worked at needs gap brought us beer at our campsite! I'm hiking with Pekka from Germany and we met a nice girl name maggie. Tented last night and it rained hard and was very windy. This Morning was very cold but flat so we went 14 or so miles. Pekka's friends' sister lives in Helen so she picked us up and fed us a great southern meal of country fried steak. Helen is supposed to be a German themed town but Pekka says it isn't haha. But they have have German beer so he is happy. Theresa is nice enough to take us around to do laundry and get food tomorrow.

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  1. were you drinking german beer when you wrote this by any chance haha. love and miss you.... where are you we need to chat.