Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mile 1-10 and a Trailname

Top of springer! First white blaze
Signing the register atop of Springer Mtn
Most popular shelter on the AT

Slackpacked today with four others: Backpekka, Hiker chick, Sarah and Jane I think. It was a little overcast but quick hiking since we only had day packs. Covered about ten miles and saw some ppl with really heavy packs! Slackpacking again tomorrow and hopefully my pack will be here when I return so Tuesday I will sleep outside. Got a trail name though! Lost Deva since my backpack is a Gregory Deva (and Deva can be Diva too). Also met Honey and Bear two seventy something year olds who run The Cabin up in Andover Maine. I told them when I got there I would have my parents bring lobster! They are just hiking for a week down here.

Ok I'm starving so I'm going to scrounge around the hiker box o unwanted food for some dinner!

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  1. Makin the best of the situation and off to a great start! I likes it : ) Good luck I'm rootin for ya!